My name is Caroline, but my friends and colleagues call me Caro. I am an astrophysicist, a mother and a christian. This is my blog.

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As a woman, I am a minority in a male-dominated field, but I have not felt as discriminated against for my gender as I have for my faith… Don’t get me wrong, I have experienced 1000 paper cuts as a woman in my field, but none of them have been as deep as those inflicted because of my faith.

Why another blog? The myth that science and faith cannot coexist, and the tacit expectation that people of faith in science should not bring their whole selves to work doesn’t serve anybody. On the one hand, the false idea that science and faith cannot coexist has deprived science from tapping into the talent of (too many) believers. On the other hand, it has prevented (too many) believers from sharpening important life skills such as critical thinking that science teaches. People of faith need science and science needs people of faith!

Please, if you like this blog, follow it. Politely share your ideas or comments, even if you disagree. Religion has been a taboo for too long and as a result we have forgotten how to discuss it. I want this to be a safe space to do so (and this safety extends to all aspects of diversity). This post describes what I feel are respectful and appropriate ways to discuss religion. All are welcome and comments are monitored. Inappropriate comments will not be published.

Happy reading y’all!